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Throughout his passionate research, the musician Andreas Linos discovered the famous Musick's Monument. Thomas Mace's work fascinated him, and he embarked in the fabrication of a model of the Musick Room which he went on to present to an ensemble of ancient music specialists for ten years. 

At the Matrice, on the 22 of October 2019, in an enthusiastic presentation, he met François Muracciole, the guardian of the premises, an architect who dreams of dreams. This was a magical encounter and, enveloped in a common vibration, they began an adventure which links them in an unstoppable epic, which finds its roots far beyond their history. It is thanks to this exhilarating and fruitful encounter that the project has now been launched, and will take shape very soon.

The administrators of the endowment fund of The flying Musick Room are:

Joel Chupeau, Freddy Eichelberger and Aude Le Pichon 

Thank you to the musicians who performed for the benefit of The flying Musick Room:

Amal Allaoui, Jean-Miguel Aristizabal, Marouan Mankar Bennis, Anaëlle Blanc-Verdin, Nicolas Desprez, Julie Dessaint, Odile Edouard, Freddy Eichelberger, Mathias Ferré, Claire Gautroot, Clément Geoffroy, Eva Godard, Phillipe Grisvard, Daniela Maltrain, Ronald Martin Alonso, Yoann Moulin, Simon Pierre, and Lucile Tessier

Musical credit for the videos of The flying Musick Room's website:  

"Who": Mathilde Gomas (Bass Viol), extract from "Le Badinage", 4th book Marin Marais

"The Musick Room": Freddy Eichelberger (Consort Organ), improvised Fugue in 4

"Funding": Almaine, Thomas Mace, Jonathan Dunford (Lyran Viol), © Astres Records - Voiced by Dominic Gwynn

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