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Philibert Delorme's structure at The flying Musick Room


Philibert Delorme, brilliant architect of the seventeenth century, invented the plain timber frame, which he described very precisely in his work "Architecture of Philibert de L'ome" in 1648. Ahead of his time, he was a true visionary of today's world in which it is essential to reduce our impact on the planet.

We took inspiration from his modular construction principle with a "plain" timber, favouring the lightness of this conception over the use of glued laminated beams. The modular assembly will be thus facilitated, as will the maintenance and replacement of damaged parts, throughout The flying Musick Room's lifetime.

Beyond its technical aspect, we will use it visibly in the Galleries for its aesthetic.

Wooden structure inspired by Philibert Delorme

structure delorme en.jpg

1. principle of assembly

2. assembled bent structure

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