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In 1676 the English musician Thomas Mace drew up and published plans for what he calculated to be an acoustically ideal music room for both players and listeners. The central room and the spaces for listeners that encircle it were to allow the public to explore multiple ways in which to hear this acoustically enhanced music (seated before the musicians, seated behind a screen, walking along a corridor, etc.).  In essence, this was to be a structure which inspires the creation of beautiful music as well as the listening experience of the public.

Mace never realized his dream but nearly 350 years later The flying Musick Room project has taken on the challenge and is constructing Mace's structure, embodying a novel dimension that combines the wisdom and concepts of the past with the desire for magical experiences in the present. In addition, this modern day version has been uniquely designed in such a way that it can easily be dismantled and transported to any location, allowing it to serve a multitude of audiences.

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