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Security and accessibility

Presentation of the building

The building is an establishment which receives the public on floor level for the pirpose of a live performance. It has for contiguous Cubes, independent and dissociable, of which one hosts a bookstore and one a bar. The two others are not intended to receive the public, and are used as technical annexes of the establishment.

Similarly to a circus-type establishment, in accordance with French legislature The flying Musick Room isa category 5 and PE type ERP (établissment recevant du public) with a type L principle activity, composed of

- the central Room, intended for an orchestra, including hatches in the floor to house an organ, as well as potentially a piano and a harpsichord
- the 
Galleries located on the perimiter of the Room.
- the surrounding Hallway 
allowing people present in the Galleries to circulate an appreciate the musical acoustics

- a Cube for the control room and a Cube for the green room, not open to the general public


The establishment also has some secondary ectivities:
- PE type establishment with M type activity to sell books
- PE type establishment with N type activity for the bar


The bar and library Cubes are exclusively reserved for the audience present in the Galleries and in the Room, and do not aim to receive additional members of the public. To this end, these two parts of the establishment will be closed during the performances. 

The building is accessible by staircases leading to the principal doors, and there is also a platform lift available for people with accessibility needs, situated near the control room Cube

security and accesibility.heic
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