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The Galleries

The scale of the project is determined by the equation between the musician, the Auditors, and the volume of air necessary to achieve the full effect. With 1 400 m3 of air brought into vibration, the 200 Auditors enjoy an experience richly tailored to their ear.

The Auditors take place in the Galleries, positioned like chapels around the central Room. Their layout provides a unique acoustical and visual quality for every seated spectator. It is also possible to conceal the listeners from the musicians by the clever use of screens, creating a space conceived for ‘public’ or ‘private’ use. In both cases, the experience is that of a private salon.

The vaulted interior of the Galleries is punctuated by wooden ribs assembled according to the principles of Philibert Delrome. They are organized in intervals and are enclosed by curved doors which open onto the Surrounding Hallway.

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