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A concert could begin with the Actors in the Room, and the Auditors in the Galleries, visually separated by the openwork screens. With the use of lighting effects, either group can be revealed to the other without altering the aural quality. The openwork screens can be removed in order to create a new experience. In the same moment, other Auditors may have chosen a blind and ambulatory auditory experience in the Surrounding Hallway.

Opening the doors to the Galleries and to the Room allows everyone to circulate, and the use of the spaces is reversed; the musicians can then find themselves, depending on the project, playing in the Galleries or in the Surrounding Hallway, offering unique acoustical experiences to the Auditors, in a combination enriched by each space. 


Life within The flying Musick Room will be diverse. It will offer master classes, residencies, and will allow for the diffusion or the creation of concerts, of pedagogical projects, of recordings. Any project that will see the light at The flying Musick Room will be intrinsically linked with its architecture and with its astonishing acoustics. This magical lieu is dedicated to surpassing us and will, by virtue of itself, stimulate new inspirations.

It will also be endowed with a unique instrumentarium, thereby offering an exceptional range of choice to the musicians. The residents will be welcomed in The flying Musick Room with fertile conditions to engage all of their energies into the projects. The artistic life within the residencies will participate in the creation of sical ties which will be revived with each implantation.


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