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Acoustical study

Focalisation of the Dome

A vaulted shape carries a great risk of acoustical focalisation; the first reflections can come together in one point and thus render the acoustic field inhomogeneous. After 3D modelling the structure, we observed that the point of focalisation of the vault is situated well above the musicians. This therefore guarantees homogenous first reflections in the are of the stage, which will improve the clarity and the precision of the sound, as well as the mutual musical perception between the musicians.

Reverberation Time RT [s]

For this volume and this type of music, our aim is to exceed 1 second of reverberation at medium frequencies in order to create a sufficiently musical environment, and to maintain a precise acoustical experience.

Two hypotheses have been tested: the first with an entirely wooden building, and the second with an Alucobond Dome. The results clearly show the positive effects on the reverberation of the Room (increase of the RT and flatter curve in BF). We are planning an RT of 1.1 ~1.2s.

Sound Clarity C80 [dB]

The sound clarity is an acoustic criterion which allows us to characterise the clarity of musical perception of an orchestra. In other words: our capacity to hear the details, the different instruments, and all of the subtleties of a live performance. In our case, the proximity and the intimacy between the audience and the musicians is a great advantage for this criterion. We usually expect good values of C80 to be positive; we have an average of + 3~4 dB, which is very good.

Sound level in the Hallway

One of the goals of the architect is to create an indirect auditory experience when one walks through the Hallway. To do so, an opening in the upper part of the room is created in order to allow the sonic waves to reach the audience members present in this corridor. We can note a decrease of roughly 6~8 dB on average between the sound level close to the musicians compared to the elevated level in the Hallway, which allows for a largely audible indirect experience of the sound environment.

Reverberation time in the Hallway

The reverberation time in the Hallway is a little long but also a little less homogeneous in its frequencies. This promises an atypical experience which will be nonetheless very interesting. 

etude acoustique.heic

atypical sonic zone

focalisation zone

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