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The Surrounding Hallway

The Galleries are encircled by a Surrounding Hallway which is based on various acoustic fantasies of the 17th century, making it more than a simple means of circulation. The acoustic amplification described by the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher, including his famous acoustic horns, enriches the sound issuing from the Room to the listeners who are moving about the space. For these listeners, the sonic experience of the hallway is enriched by a 360-degree view from the windows to the exterior surroundings. By varying the use of the spaces, the effect can also be reversed, with the Surrounding Hallway being occupied by the musicians and the Room by the public.

The Surrounding Hallway is formed on one side by the smooth wooden external dressing of the Galleries, and by a taut canvas on the other. The luminous atmosphere is created by the backlighting of this canvas. 

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